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Swedish Prime Minister Visits Mullsjö


On 6th June 2018, Swedish national day, the Swedish prime minister Stefan Löfven was welcomed to Mullsjö where he gave a short speech about democracy.


The essence of the speech was "The beauty of democracy". He recognised that there are forces at work with the intent of limiting free speech, and others using freedom of speech to promote hatred, especially online. How important it is to maintain our democracy!


In drawing a parallel between the beauty of Sweden, and the beauty of democracy, there was no mention (unless I missed it) of the denial of democracy to around 15% of the Swedish population after the last election in 2014, or how it will change after the election in 2018 when perhaps 20% could be denied their democratic rights. In other words, the Swedish Democrats (SD) who received the 3rd highest level of votes in 2014, and became potential "king makers" were sidelined. The other parties refused to talk to them or work with them. Is this truly democracy? - we are entitled to ask. The issue is understood and quietly discussed by many swedes even if Stefan didn't mention it.


How is it with those calling themselves "Christian" and their voting preferences?


The Christian newspaper Dagen analysed recent survey results to find out what was happening to the Christain vote. The survey (in Swedish) can be found here. The definition "Christian" in this case meant someone who claimed to regularly attend some kind of church.


2018 2014 2014

Christian Christian All voters

Moderators (M) 19% 14% 23%

Liberals (L) 3% 5% 5%

Center Party (C) 18% 8% 6%

Christian Democrats (KD) 10% 24% 5%

Social Democrats (S) 22% 26% 31%

Green Party (MP) 5% 9% 7%

Left party (V) 5% 5% 6%

Swedish Democrats (SD) 18% 4% 13%

Feminist (F) 1% 4% 3%

Other parties 2% 1% 1%


Survey Analysis:

Christians have lost faith in the "Chrsitian democrats" (KD) (down 14%). Their support has mostly gone to the Centre party (C) (up 10%) and the Swedish Democrats (SD) (up 14%), but why?


Olof Edsinger (General secratary of the Swedish Evagelical Alliance) believes that two camps have become clearer in the immigration issue, where C and SD stand out most and therefore attract voters. But SD's success among Christians can also be described as a protest against the establishment, that politicians seem more interested in political correctness than the everyday issues that "real people" care about.


Whereas the Centre party has a liberal immigration policy, the Swedish Democrats (SD) have a restrictive policy. These two opposing views also exist within the church, reflecting both the compassion for those in need, as well as the threat to the way of life and the Christian faith that comes with multiculturalism. It is hard for the Christian democrats (KD) to promote both views at the same time, and sitting on the fence doesn't help either.


Karin Wiborn (Secretary General of Sweden's Christian Council), thoroughly ecumenical, understands that the increase for the Center party is also about lifting climate issues - important among her parishioners. This is a little bit strange since the Green party has lost 4%, nearly half of its vote share. At the same time as the "climate wars" rage, and free speech falls victim to an ideology, the climate change issue has become firmly connected with social justice matters (see here for more on this).

Perhaps Karin's climate issues are more associated with social justice issues.


So, although it would be expected that Christians would vote for the Christian Democrat party, the survey shows a severe decline. Is this decline really about different views of immigration, or climate change, or political correctness, or is it because it is hard to stand for Christian values in the most secular country in the western world?


Does the label on the KD tin still accurately describe what is in the tin? For the Bible believing Christian, if the party called Christian doesn't stand on the Bible, perhaps it is only natural to vote for a party that does take a stand on something that they strongly beleive in from their Biblical perspective.


The Bible provided the foundation for modern democracy, and for the basic laws to govern the human race. The Bible is our source of knowledge about Jesus Christ, and about God's plan of redemption.


No Bible means no gospel, and no salvation.


Annual Genesis Conference in Sweden

Beviset på skapelse är nu större än någonsin från områden av mikrobiologi och bioinspirerad design. Den levande cellen har en otrolig mångfald och irreducibel komplexitet. Bio-inspirerad design visar att naturen har en överlägsen design till mänskligt ingenjörskap. Detta kan hända enbart genom skapelse.


Trots ökande bevismaterial undervisas barn mindre om bevis på design. Man undervisar nu evolution för barn från en tidig ålder. Så nu, mer än någonsin, behöver mänskor förstå att det handlar om en andlig kamp i området ursprung. Det finns ingen ursäkt till att inte tro på en Skapare. (Rom 1:20)


Stuart Burgess

Professor of Engineering Design

Dept. of Mechanical Engneering

Bristol University



Genesis conference speaker 2017

Stenungsund, Sweden


Interviewed by gospelmullsjö.

The evidence for creation is now greater than ever from the fields of microbiology and bio-inspired designs. The living cell has incredible complexity and irreducible complexity. Bio-inspired design shows nature has superior design to human engineering. This can happen only through creation.


Despite the growing evidence children are taught less about the evidence for design. Evolution is taught now from a young age. So now more than ever, people need to see there is a spiritual battle in the area of origins. There is no excuse for disbelieving in a Creator (Rom 1:20)


Wikipedia truth control.


It is not uncommon to hear negative comments about Wikipedia, though we all use it as a source of information occasionally. How is it controlled? Who is the arbiter of what is a true fact and what is not? Is it reasonable to expect that it is bias free any more than science is bias free?


See the article from the centre for science and culture and intelligent design, and discover something of what is going on. It is not only the fake news machine that is trying to force its agenda on the human race. See the 2018 censor of the year!


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Martin Luther

1517 hängde Martin Luther upp sina 95 teser. Nu 500 år senare är det en bra tid att reflektera över orsakerna till hans handlingar och konsekvenserna av reformationen som följde.


Mer information inom kort.

In 1517 Martin Luther hung up his 95 theses. Now, 500 years later it is a good time to reflect on the reasons for his actions and the consequences of the Reformation that followed.


Read more


The “Days” of Creation were ordinary days in length. We must understand that these days were actual days (veros dies), contrary to the opinion of the holy fathers. Whenever we observe that the opinions of the fathers disagree with Scripture, we reverently bear with them and acknowledge them to be our elders. Nevertheless, we do not depart from the authority of Scripture for their sake (Luther 1959, p. 1523).

Skapelsens "dagar" var vanliga dagar i längd. Vi måste förstå att dessa dagar var verkliga dagar (veros dies), i motsats till de heliga fädernas åsikt. När vi observerar att fädernas åsikter inte är överens med Skriften, bör vi vördnadsfullt ha tålamod med dem och erkänna att de är våra äldste. Ändå avviker vi inte från Skriftens auktoritet för deras skull (Luther 1959, s. 1523).

Vad är evangeliet?


Det är det stora utbytet - straffet som skulle tillfalla syndare blev betalt av Kristus i hans död. Ingen syndare förtjänar fri benådning, men genom Guds nåd kan de få motta den. Denna benådning är genom tro.



Vem är en syndare?


Aposteln Paulus säger "alla har syndat och saknar härligheten från Gud" vilket innebär alla, var och en, med bara ett undantag - Jesus Kristus.

"Gud vill att alla människor skall bli frälsta och komma till kunskap om sanningen".


1 Tim 2:4



Mina bröder, jag vill påminna eder om det evangelium som jag förkunnade för eder, som I jämväl togen emot, och som I ännu stån kvar i, genom vilket I ock bliven frälsta; jag vill påminna eder om huru jag förkunnade det för eder, såframt I eljest hållen fast därvid -- om nu icke så är att I förgäves haven kommit till tro.


Jag meddelade eder ju såsom ett huvudstycke vad jag själv hade undfått: att Kristus dog för våra synder, enligt skrifterna, och att han blev begraven, och att han har uppstått på tredje dagen, enligt skrifterna,


1 Kor 15:1-4


What is the gospel?


It is the great exchange - the penalty due to sinners was paid by Christ in his death. No sinner deserves this free pardon, but by the grace of God they can receive it. This pardon is by faith.



Who is a sinner?


Apostle Paul says "all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God" which means everyone, with one exception - Jesus Christ.

God desires all people to be saved and to come to the knowledge of the truth.


1 Tim 2:4



Now I would remind you, brothers,a of the gospel I preached to you, which you received, in which you stand, and by which you are being saved, if you hold fast to the word I preached to you—unless you believed in vain.


For I delivered to you as of first importance what I also received: that Christ died for our sins in accordance with the Scriptures, that he was buried, that he was raised on the third day in accordance with the Scriptures,


1 Cor 15:1-4

eftersom vi veta att Kristus, sedan han har uppstått från de döda, icke mer dör; döden råder icke mer över honom. Ty hans död var en död från synden en gång för alla, men hans liv är ett liv för Gud. Så mån ock I hålla före att I ären döda från synden och leven för Gud, i Kristus Jesus.


Romarbrevet 6:9-11 (1917)

We know that Christ, being raised from the dead, will never die again; death no longer has dominion over him. For the death he died he died to sin, once for all, but the life he lives he lives to God. So you also must consider yourselves dead to sin and alive to God in Christ Jesus.


Romans 6:9-11 (ESV)