Preparing for the 2019 August market


A chance to talk to over one hundred people about the love of God, creator and redeemer, and share the gospel of Christ Jesus. As we have seen in previous surveys, many in this town are Christian, and many more have some knowledge and experience of God's love, and the truths of the Bible.


Atheism and liberalism have taken their toll on Sweden, but there are many true believers here still.


We want to encourage our fellow believers, and help those who are confused about Christian things, and reach those who have rejected Christ Jesus through lack of understanding.

Advents Cafe - 1st December 2018


The evening was attending by around 50 people. It was an opportunity to sing some Swedish Christmas soms, meet Christians from different backgrounds, eat some sandwiches and cakes, and listen to a presentation from Anders Gärdeborn on creation and the gospel (Skapelse och evangelium).


Comments from those attending were all very positive, and all were encourgaed in their faith by insights in science and the connection with God's word in the Bible.

18th August 2018


This was the date for the annual Saturday market in Mullsjö.


Working together with the Gideons, it was possible to give out several new testaments and to get survey responses from 96 people.


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Aug 19th 2017


The summer market was an opportunity for visitors to read and hear the gospel as well as to get a New Testament, and to contribute to mission work with Fadderbarn, a work for children in poor families.


There was a survey of people's hopes and questions about forgiveness, and for those too busy to stop there was something to take away called "Are you hopeless?".


As always, we consider it a joy to be able to speak to so many people, and for the time people were prepared to spend with us. We hope and trust it was helpful.


For the market report and survey results click here.

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October 2016 - Bible exhibition in Mullsjö - see link

20th August 2016 - Mullsjö Market

Mullsjö Market defied expectations for rain. It came only after the market closed and everyone had gone home. It was a pleasant dry day drawing people to find some bargains. Some came for their annual sausage and fudge - in the fudge store they were eating sausage and fudge together!


Passers by were invited to take a survey to help us get a better picture of the spiritual life in Mullsjö. In total 157 were willing to answer three questions, and to take home a tract explaining the gospel called "are you a good man?". There was also a tract aimed at challenging those with an atheistic faith to reconsider some simple facts.


New Testaments provided by the Gideons were gladly received by a good number of people, in Swedish, English and Arabic.


As a team, we hope and pray that those who came and talked with us would learn what the true gospel is, and would seek the Lord Jesus Christ for themselves.