Kyrkekvarn (The Church's mill)

Outdoor activities and camping

Kyrkekvarn is a popular tourist visitor centre for outdoor activities connected with horse riding, boating and holiday cottages (Stuga).

There are other swings on  the river along the horse riding paths. There are places for having a BBQ too.

Many great photo opportunities.

Kyrkekvarn - Tidafors Sulfite factory 1888-1918

At this place Tidafors's sulphite factory was situated. It was founded in 1888 and was operational until 8 February 1918, when the factory burned down and the operations were dropped. The owner at the time was Tidafors' Sulphite Company. Headquarters in Uddevala. Executive Director was Adolf Zachau and Factory Manager Ernst Weissbach. In 1905 - 1912 the factory employed approximately 80 workers and produced approximately 2700 tonnes (dry) sulfite pulp per year. The equipment consisted of three sulphite boilers and one cardboard machine. Four waterturbines of 160 horsepower and steampower was used for the operation.

Sandhems Home and Memorial Association.

Explanation: The sulfite process produces wood pulp, almost pure cellulose fibers by using salts of sulphurous acid and wood chips in large pressure vessels called digesters. In 1874 the first commercial sulfite pulp mill was built in Sweden.

On the water

There are places to swim along Stråkan along with some sandy beaches, islands and places to stop for a BBQ. There is the choice of canoes, kayaks and boats for rent a few hours to a few days.

The water flows north and the calm water  is on the north side of the mill. At various points it is necessary to carry the canoe down to the next level past old mills and water falls (and then back up again).

On the south side the water is more open and therefore a bit more challenging when the wind is strong. However, it is possible to keep going for a long distance.

On holiday

Stugas can be rented right next to the river, and some have a field close by for keepin the horses that can also be rented.

There are places also for camper vans.

If you like art and antiques, just follow the signs over the bridge.

On the ropes

Take the rope crossing challenge!

...or just take it easy on the swing.

Park your kayak or canoe, visit the WC, then get the BBQ going.

Take a swim or just walk across to the island for a visit - the water may come up to your knees.