Mission church

Simple History of the Mission Covenant Church in Sweden

In the late 1800s many local Christians met in homes to sing, pray and study the Bible. These meetings were called "Conventicles" and they came from the revivals that swept across Sweden in the 1850s. The Mission Church in Mullsjö takes 1878 as its start date when the first mission house was built. In 1922 a larger church was built and then in 1992 the present building was errected.

The congregation split in the 1930s due to the influence of Pentecostal views dominating the congregation. From this split the Filadelfia Pentecostal church was formed which went on to become Pingst Mullsjö-Nyhem, and the Mission Covenant church continued as a separate small congregation.

Equmeniakyrkan - In 2011 the Baptist Union of Sweden, the United Methodist Church and the Mission Covenant Church of Sweden came together as a single denomination with a new name.

The church in Mullsjö is considered to be partly Equmenia and partly SAM.