Mullsjö for Visitors

Mullsjö for Visitors

In some ways this town is best kept hidden as the little paradise it is, but for those interested to see more, here is a quick overview and introduction.

Nov, 2016

Sunrise over Mullsjö Lake.

There is a footpath all the way around the lake with some walks through the woods and down to the water. There is one hotel "Mullsjö Hotel" on the south a cafe "Landhs Konditori" on the North.

Boats are available in summer, and fishing by license - day liceses are available.

Jan  2016

Frozen and covered in unusual ice crystals

When the lake has frozen enough then it is time for the ice hockey and ice fishing. It is also a lake with three islands so very nice for a walk if you are dressed up warmly. It is not so eay to skate when the lake is covered with snow, but sometimes the surface is quite clear.

The fishermen know when the ice is thick enough for them, and other locals know when it is thick enough for cars to race around. For visitors it is best to go with someone local, and take some ice spikes which hang around your neck - much easier to get out if you find a weak spot.

Aug, 2015

Swimming in Mullsjö Lake.

One the ice has melted, the water warms quickly and can be good for swimming in in May.

May 2016

Broholm Chapel

A small chapel, once used for prayer and singing Christian songs in the summertime. On occasions, only a piano was inside the building and everyone sat outside on the grass or benches.

Mullsjö Pentecostal Church

Information about Nyhem week in Swedish.

May 2016

Stråkan BBQ

Here is a viewpoint looking out onto Stråkan, a river/lake. See the map above for the long stretch of water. Great for water skiing, canoeing and swimming with several sandy beaches.

There are often places for BBQ and many well sign-posted walks. Some information in English and maps available at the car parks.

Mullsjö Second Hand Shop

There are many second hand shops around Sweden. These are not antique or junk shops but places where there are many good things to buy. Furniture, technology, clothes and toys, all at a very low price. This place has become the most crowded shopping area in Mullsjö on a Saturday morning and it provides lots of support to several causes.

Ryfors Confectionary

Chocolates, fudge and tasty sweets are available for purchase as pick & mix. Some of these are made in the Mullsjö factory.

Mullsjö Mission Church

Equmeniakyrkan - In 2011 the Baptist Union of Sweden, the United Methodist Church and the Mission Covenant Church of Sweden came together as a single denomination with a new name.

Mullsjö Lutheran Church

Used to have its own parish but now oversees 3 other parishes, Sandhem, Utvängstorp and Bjurbeck.

More information soon.

Sandhem Lutheran Church

Used to have a parish of its own but now under Mullsjö Nykyrka.

More information soon.

Utvängstorp Lutheran Church

Used to have a parish of its own but now comes under Mullsjö Nykyrka.

The Pilgrims walk

The 3.2 km long trail path has a downhill just north of the church and a climb up to the Ancient "Mountains". The trail has several benches. The church with parts from the 1100s and St. Sigfrid are some  of the sights.

Sandhem's Church Cross

On the edge of the Lutheran church grounds  in Sandhem is this cross overlooking the lake Sandhemsjön.

Utvängstorp Bell Tower

These bell towers are a common site in Swedish Lutheran church grounds.

Sanhem Pentecostal Church

More information soon.

The old Nyhem Betania Pentecostal Church near Bjurbeck

The building was once an independent congregation but due to low numbers and an ageing congregation, it was united with the Pentecostal church in Mullsjö in 2010.

A church was started in Nyhem in 1915 by people from Kölingared somewhat closer to Mullsjö than Bjurbeck. They started outpost activities at Sandhem, Furusjö, Ljunga and Mullsjö. Decades before this, the revivals of the late 1800s gave rise to many mission houses around the area and mission associations. The chapel in Bjurbeck was therefore a mission house long before if became Betania Pentecostal church.

Betania Chapel was originally the name of the building in Nyhem and the congregation there were the organizer of Nyhem week. The first Nyhem week was held in 1917 and the conference has grown to become the biggest Pentecostal conference in Sweden. Every year in the month of June, thousands of people come for a week with their tents, caravans and campervans.

Information about Nyhem week in Swedish.

More information soon

Bjurbeck Lutheran Church

Used to have a parish of its own but now comes under Mullsjö Nykyrka.

More information soon.

Ryfors Forge

Originally there was a mill on this site powered by a waterwheel. Later this became a forge. Today there is a blacksmith workshop but is more for hobbyists and tourists than any business.

There is still one wooden wheel and hammer, all intact, but no longer functional since it was moved downstream from its original position and out of the flow of the water.

Ryfors Golf Course

Designed by an English architect as the first golf course in Sweden

Ryfors History

This information is displayed outside the English Villa in Ryfors

Fiskdammarna (Fish dams)

One of the many walking paths near Mullsjö called Gyljerydsmon. Follow the link for more information.

A Swedish mile

The "mile" used to be defined as 36,000 feet but then how big was one Scandinavian foot? Not the same in Norway and Sweden. Eventually one Swedish mile was defined as 10Km, but in 1707 it was slightly more.

Look carefully and see the King's crown.

The oldest milestones were probably wooden and were placed along country roads. Between 1706 and 1710 milestones made on limestone were made, some 844 by order of the crown and around 500 of these are still in place in old Skaraborg, and dozens of these  in Mullsjö.

King Karl XIIs symbol is on each milestons along with whole mile,  ½ mile or ¼ mile.. 

The milestones protected by the Heritage Conservation Act.

Warning for goblins

In the area beyond the sign there are some garden gnomes. Not only found in an English country garden but also in the woods of Mullsjö.

This page is under construction. More information will be added as research continues.