Umeå outreach


Those terrible lizzards!

In Umeå there is a dinosaur museum with a difference. It is open to the public regularly and has been visited by many of the school children in the town as part of their school trip and education about the prehistoric world. What makes the difference, is that in this museum the evidence is presented which is consistent with the Biblical view of origins and timescales far shorter than those in the modern secular view.

Gospelmullsjö evangelisation in Umeå

Umeå is about 12 hours north of Mullsjö, the town where the mission normally evangelises at the loclal markets.

An exhibition of dinosaur fossils in a Biblical context is a perfect place for evangelism.

It has been a real priviledge for us to meet so many people who were willing to talk about Biblical things and to want to understand more.

Atheists at the dinosaur tent - most of those who initially claimed to be atheists when visiting the tent later changed their mind and said  "agnostic". They didn't know what to believe and saw that there was so much that they had never heard about.

We pray that God would continue to speak to all those who we met.

Old but not out

An elderly couple walked past the tent with their rollators side by side. I spoke to them as they went past but I was ignored so I spoke to someone else.

When I turned around again, I was surprised to see the old couple sitting right behind me. I spoke to them in English and the lady shook her head.

I tried my swedish, which is barely understandable, but worked! The continuing struggle of an englishman trying to speak swedish provided great entertainment to the couple, and after 30 minutes of being a fool for the gospel, it was possible to exlplain about Jesus and forgiveness, and show John 3:16 in Swedish.

I gave the lady a Gideons New Testament and asked if she could read it, so she read it out load for everyone to hear! Then it turned out that her husband was a bit deaf, and almost blind. At home he had a machine to read newspapers out loud  to him from text, and now they were exited to use it to read the Bible too.

They were both 90 years old. It seemed as though they had never heard the gospel before.

The Uncomfortables

A group of young men visited the tent with a somewhat uncomfortable body language. They were polite but holding back from sniggering. After a few questions it became apparent that one of them was a Christian and that he had brought his friends to see some evidence of God. His friends were not very interested, but were able to communicate and came back a second time.

What the young men took away with them is not known. The christian guy continued to minister to his friends, and it was our joy to be a link in the chain and be able to challenge the secular paradigm that they have been taught here in Sweden. A one sided story of naturalism.

Faith in Crystals

The search for supernatural powers is an ancient activity. There are many ways to explore these forces, either to get them or at least to control them. The use of crystals is seen as a way of controlling spiritual forces.

Disappointment with these "forces" and fake religions can take time, but often ends with a crash. Thinking of another "religion" after a negative spiritual experience is difficult.

Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice shame on me..

It is understandable.

Why do you start searching in crystals at all? - It's a search for the deeper things in life and a way to get a happier life, making every room in your house a happy place with Feng Shui. But when it starts to disappoint you, after all the success stories you've heard, what can you do?

The most wonderful people can easily be attracted to these things and similar things with promise of health or wealth. It's easy to be gullible and easy to get hurt.

In this case, a woman sought the life and beauty of the rocks, but did not want to hear about God, through the fear she gained in past experiences of the powers of darkness. A call was made that Jesus came to free us from slavery during fear and that through Him alone we can be completely free, and she promised to think about this.

Molecular Biologists

Most of us get have a limited and general understanding of science, to varying degrees, but some work with science for a living.

It was therefore a real pleasure to meet a microbiologist and discuss the design features of the cell and DNA.

The information in DNA is spelled out using four different chemical ‘letters’: A, T, C, and G. These letters have a vital property which allows information to be transmitted.

Interestingly, there is no known source of information in the entire universe which does not come from intelligence so how does it arise in DNA?

Of course it is hard to answer, but the answer given by the microbiologist was simply that the universe is a big place and we don't know what we might find.

This sounds like faith..

For more on DNA and information click here.

Lonely Planet

Loneliness is quite a plague in the western world, and particularly in Sweden according to a recent documentary. One visitor was clearly suffering from loneliness.

Mankind needs a relationship with God and with other people, but some people have neither. Their life can be filled with longing and hopelessness, every day.

They can have all their needs met by the state, but it doesn't make up for what is lost.

God seems so remote, and people who rely on their relationship with God are just using him as a crutch, so it is said.

In secular days, it is an embarasment to let yourself be dependent on some kind of deity that cannot be seen, and which science has relegated to nothing but an old myth.

Nevertheless, the need for God is evident in mankind, simply because he made mankind to have a relationship with him, and it is possible through Jesus Christ.

Faith versus Science

There is a general beleif that science is logic based and not faith based. Indeed, this is how it should be.

It is common to hear the faith versus science argument and the assumption is that atheism is science based and religion is faith based.

At the tent, one man was making this point. He was suprised to hear that we agreed with him.

In the Big bang theory, Inflation states that after the Big Bang, all the particles in the universe traveled faster than the speed of light! But Einstein's General Law of Relativity proves that nothing can travel faster than the speed of light. So, in faith he beleives something contrary to the known laws of physics.

This sounds like faith.

Atheism is indeed a faith based view of the world, based on naturalism rather than science.

It is more logical and scientific to believe that the laws of physics are indeed laws.

Interview with Jarno from Finland

Studied theology at UEF (University of Eastern Finland) for 4 years.

Worked in the dinosaur museum doing practical work,

Main reason for being on the stand in Umeå is to serve God by giving people information about the evolution/creation issue and how the Biblical view of origins is confirmed by science.

He sees the creation issue as foundational to the gospel message, and the trustwothiness of the whole Bible.

Do you know your fossils?

Would you be able to spot the fossilised brain of a T.rex or a lump of fossilised poo?

The T.Rex tooth is an easy guess but many of the other things on display are not.

Many visitors were fascinated to hear about the fossils and to discuss different views of how old they are. After all, none of them were found with a date stamp,

Fossils are records of things frozen in time. Raindrops, footprints, extinct and extant creatures and even soft bodied creatures preserved to perfection.

DNA and blood cells from dinosaurs, as well as un-fossilised dinosaur bone have also been found.

Interview with Alexander from Sweden.

What to do with a bit of spare time?

Alexander is a historian with a particular interest in medieval things and antiquities, and aiming for a MSc.

Being at the museum gave him a chance to learn about fossils and see them for real, whilst helping out with the display and maintaining the stalls.

It is a good opportunity to get "armed" with good information that supports the Biblical world view, he said.